Our experience with Fred Root as our house inspector exceeded all expectations and saved us several thousand dollars.  His decades of experience with properties really shined through, he knew all the improvements and additions to the property which were clearly not done to code, he had measurements memorized and inspected all aspects of the home with the utmost care and concern for our investment.  His expertise was undeniable.  As an example, the seller had the furnace inspected; it was original to the home and about 25 years old.  The specialized company that did the inspection found it in good working order.  Fred Root inspected it, and advised us to bring in an independent inspector for a second opinion.  Using his referrals, we did as he advised.  The independent inspector did in fact find the furnace was faulty, and the seller replaced it as a result of the second inspection.  Thanks to Fred Root we enjoyed the efficiency of a brand new furnace through our first winter in the home.  On top of all this, Fred Root is a great guy and enjoyable to work with, he helped us on several occasions after we purchased the home.  Working with Fred Root was one of the highlights in the overall process of purchasing our home.  We wouldn’t want to buy another home without him!

Amanda Chapman

My wife and I operate a home remodeling business in Colorado Springs and we rely upon Fred’s experience and opinion when choosing a home to remodel. He has helped us avoid homes that have too much damage as well as confirm excellent home opportunities for investment. Fred’s prompt service, knowledge and attention to detail are the reason we choose to have Fred inspect all of our investment choices exclusively.

CD Properties LLC
Michael and Michelle Walker
Colorado Springs, CO

Fred Root provides a quality inspection at a reasonable price. Inspection reports have an excellent format and are well detailed.

Our customers and clients benefit from Fred’s knowledge and professionalism. Eighteen years of awesome service.

Sue McElhaney-Lew
Prestige Properties
Colorado Springs, CO.

Dear Mr. Root:
We asked for you expert opinion when selecting a home to buy. Thank you so much for your thorough inspection and advise.
The home had a crawl space that was difficult to enter. You got in there and checked everything out carefully.
Throughout the inspection, you took time to explain everything to us completely.

Thank you, again,

Fred and Mary Wright
Colorado Springs

I have 26 years of experience selling real estate in Colorado Springs, and I recommend Fred with confidence to my clients who are buying homes. He does a thorough inspection, and communicates well with the clients. My clients have a realistic idea of the condition of the property and its functions after completing a home inspection with Fred. He has always been available to answer questions that come up after the inspection as well.

Gayle Felder
Gayle Felder, Broker Associate

Herman Group Real Estate
Office: 719.785.1222
Cell: 719.338.3654
Web: http://www.HomesByGayleFelder.com

Fred did an exceptional job completing my home inspection. I have since lived in my home for several years and have had no major issues with the home. Fred brought all concerns to my attention. Fred was professional and easy to work with. Thank you.

Jen McKee

As 10 year veterans in Real Estate in and around Colorado Springs, we fully recommend Fred Root for home inspections. Fred is thorough, affordable and efficient. He understands the Colorado Springs communities, and with his construction background, he knows what to look for in regards to a home inspection. We love professional level of communication and are proud to have him on our team of service providers. We look forward to a long lasting business relationship with Fred. With our most recent inspection, Fred was able to not only save our Buyer money on the inspection, but also found a defect, which saved our client many headaches.

Art & Debbie DeBrito, Heart Realty

Fred was referred to me by my real estate agent and we could not have been more pleased with his professionalism and reporting. Fred found several items that needed attention and even shared how it could be fixed. He was on time, respectful to time constraints in the purchase process and readily available to answer my many questions. Years later, he was kind enough to give me advice on how to handle present problems and gave me names of reliable workers to fix it. I would highly recommend Fred Root to anyone.

Amanda Me

We could not have been more happy with Fred’s service. Fred not only identified problems that the seller needed to repair, but also worked with us throughout the closing process, reinspecting and verifying the repair work down to the last minute.

John Bunnell

Fred did an extremely thorough inspection on a property I was interested in purchasing. He noticed many details and issues with the house that I missed and he provided a comprehensive report which I was able to use to get the seller to cover repair costs before closing. Fred is responsive in communications and his reports give great detail and context to issues. Highly recommended.

Jim Maurer

A huge thank you for agreeing to fly out to Port Clinton Ohio to inspect our lake and guest house. When we could not get adequate answers to the questions you suggested we ask the local inspector, after you went over his report for us, it became clear that this inspectors inspection and report were not sufficient for this caliber of home.   Without you coming to Ohio and finding the numerous significant deficiencies that the original inspector had missed, especially the major structural ones, all parties involved would probably still be in litigation.  Your knowledge not just saved us literally tens of thousands of dollars, but also gave both the sellers and realtors in this transaction peace of mind. Both told us how impressed they were with your professionalism and knowledgeable.  Fred, I can’t express enough how grateful Brent and I are.  Your help with all of the correspondence that went on between us, the realtor and contractor was really beyond the call of duty.  I now know firsthand that your reputation is well deserved and why you are talked about with such high respect! Thank you and feel free to pass on our name and number to anyone if you ever need a referral.

Sandy Samuelson

And thank you again for taking the time to explain everything to us yesterday. It was very helpful and we appreciate your time and knowledge.


Thank you for such a thorough inspection, and for such a detailed run down
on your suggestions. We feel very confident after knowing you have given us
such helpful insight and what to ask the seller to cover and what we will
need to take care of once we move in.

We greatly appreciate your professionalism and experience.

Have a happy holiday season.

Luke and Tessa

Wow, that was fast.  Thanks SO much Fred!!


I wanted to thank you for your inspection today. We were stretching to buy this house and it would have been devastating to try to fix these things later. You really helped us,


I have worked with Fred Root over many years as a Realtor helping families to purchase their new homes.  I have always recommended Fred Root with confidence that he will provide a thorough home inspection and give the buyers a true picture of the condition of the home they are buying.  He is great at answering the buyer’s questions no matter how in depth or seemingly simple.  All of my clients have felt that the money they spent on a home inspection was well earned.  The report which the client receives has a separate section noting the major concerns with the property.  This makes it easier for the buyer to communicate with the seller on the problem areas of the home that require attention.

I would certainly recommend Fred Root as a Home Inspector to anyone looking to purchase a property here in the Colorado Springs area.

Guy Nanney
ERA Shields Real Estate

Fred Root did the inspection for my home purchase September,2012.  He is knowledgeable, reliable and fair.
I was able to confidently purchase my home with suggested repairs done before the sale.
I followed up with other improvements suggested by Fred, after my purchase.
I would recommend Fred Root for home inspections that can be trusted.

Beth Krasovec

Mr. Root did an excellent job during our home inspection for our
purchase in July 2014. He was very thorough, patient, and answered
all of our questions. He was able to find some deficiencies in the
home we purchased and because of his attention to detail we were able
to get those deficiencies corrected by the seller prior to closing.
We highly recommend Mr. Root and will definitely utilize his services
if a future need arises!

Bill and Janet Huffor

Fred Root is an outstanding home inspector. He knows exactly what to look for and is a complete professional in his duties. He wastes no time and is very thorough in his inspection. He was completely honest with me about the findings and details of my home inspection. His fee was extremely reasonable and he saved me money by showing me areas that needed to be fixed before I bought the house. If Fred hadn’t been my home inspector, I would have spent a lot of money on home repairs. I wholeheartedly recommend Fred Root for any of your home inspection needs.