Prior to starting in the home inspection business, I had spent my entire adult life in the construction and maintenance industries. In my early 20’s I took advantage of an opportunity to learn how to weld. This afforded me the opportunity to become a member of the Sheet Metal Workers and Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Unions, which in turn led to a career in fabricating, installing and balancing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems and installing piping systems in nuclear and fossil fuel electrical generating plants across the country.

The last of the “Nukes” to be built in the US is located in Seabrook, New Hampshire where I was chosen to be on the start-up crew, and subsequently went to work in the maintenance department for the New Hampshire public utility company. I soon found that this was not at all to my liking and joined forces with my father and brother in a residential construction firm (Tri-R Construction), where I learned carpentry (Framing, siding and finish), roofing, painting, etc. I was able to get hands on experience in all aspects home building from top to bottom.

Alas, as many of you may know, working with your family is a touchy business, and it just did not work out. At this point I moved to Colorado (My parents home state) and went to work as a sub-contractor, building decks, finishing basements, roofing (lots of hail here), painting and working for some Realtors prepping houses for sale and repairing issues that had come up as a result of a home inspection. It dawned on me that my background was uniquely suited for doing inspections and realized that doing home inspections would be much less stress on the body that was beginning to show signs of wear. So, in 1993, I jumped in with both feet and started my career as a home inspector and have loved it ever since.

My education has been and continues to be an everyday endeavor.

Please see the photo gallery for some examples of my recent and past construction projects.